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At Joalia, we understand the hustle it takes to flourish in the hospitality business. Don't let your digital marketing suffer. We can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you only work within the hospitality industry?

With experience in both front-of-house and back-of-house, our team saw how delivery apps, review sites, and social media swept into the industry without any input from within the industry itself.

Our team acutely understands the challenges, opportunities, and most importantly how to get ahead of the B.S., so restaurants can go back to doing what they do best.


Do I have to have a big budget for a Joalia Partnership?

The short answer - No! We offer varying combinations of consultative and digital marketing services for various business sizes and budgets. Contact us to schedule an Introductory Meeting.


What if my hospitality business is outside of New York City?

While we primarily work with hospitality businesses in New York City, we are not limited to the city! Schedule an appointment with us to discuss how we can provide value to you no matter where you're located.


What do you mean by '360 Analytics' or 'Metrics that Matter?'

It is essential for every business to reflect on what works and what needs improvement. We have designed our analytics platform so we can analyze the pros and cons of each touchpoint with customers.

If and when we identify areas needing improvement, our team will show you the evidence and open the discussion for what can be changed to better align strategy with your business goals.


Do you build websites?

ABSOLUTELY. By combining the latest software tools and our intimate knowledge of the restaurant industry, our design process ensures longterm site health and approachable authenticity.


How are your services structured?

Each of our Annual Marketing Packages are customized to fit the needs of your business.

It’s frustrating, time consuming, and counterproductive when there are multiple points of contact with zero to limited intercommunication between the photographer, the copywriter, the web designer, the graphic designer, the social media manager, the email marketer, the data analyst, your team...the list goes on. We’ve been there and we’ve set out to change the way business is done.

With the Joalia Partnership, each of your digital marketing needs is centralized under one umbrella, and your Marketing Manager takes care of everything so that you don’t have to.